Live Action Role Playing


Do you have what it takes to survive the zombie apocalypse? Come say hello to the Dystopia Rising crew and find out. Dystopia Rising is a lightest touch boffer Live Action Roleplaying Game based in a world where the undead have risen and claimed the world. Groups of survivors band together in an effort to try and survive the irradiated wasteland.

Our crew will introduce you to the world and provide you with the armor, weapons and skills that you will need to survive the wastes. Once you are geared up, one of our experienced survivors will take you on a mission to help recover some ‘misplaced’ property. How you react to the world and the strange people and creatures that inhabit it is completely up to you. Save or betray. Profit or protect. It is all just a day in the life of a wasteland survivor.

Come early, find our table, and signup for the experience of a lifetime.