Below are some frequently asked questions regarding our Heartland Gaming Expo (HGE).

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What is HGE Expo?
The Heartland Gaming Expo (HGE) is a one of a kind educational event that seeks to bring together students, educators, professionals, and enthusiast in the field of computer simulation and gaming.

Who runs the HGE Expo?
The HGE is organized by the Computer Simulation and Gaming faculty in the Computer Science Department of The University of Tulsa and our student SIGGRAPH chapter.

How long has the HGE been around?
The first HGE was held in 2013. This year will mark our 7th annual event!

What is there to do at the HGE?
The day will be jammed pack with speaking sessions and workshops, along with exhibitors, events, showings and competitions. For a full up-date list of the days events please see our Events Schedule

When and where is the event?
The HGE is held at Reynolds Center at the University of Tulsa.
Please see the Hours & Locations page for more information.

Where can I find the rules regarding the event?
We ask that all attendees be familiar with the rules before attending the HGE. See our Rules & Regulations page.

Can I access last year’s expo content?

Yes! Under the Archives link you can have access to video recordings of select speaker sessions along with photo slide show and other resources.

How can I keep up to date with the HGE?
You can keep up-to-date with all HGE news from our website or on our social networks.

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