Past Events

The Heartland Gaming Expo held its inaugural event in 2013. See below for awards and photos from past years’ events.


Game Showcase

Game Name Team Name

Indie Developer

1st Place The Idiot’s Tale Megalitchit Main Frame
2nd Place Project Land Mineded Martion Laboratories
3rd Place Ammo Squad War 6


1st Place Garuna Bruno
2nd Place Monolus Tiber Development
3rd Place Isomorphic Magenta

High School

1st Place Fire Horizon Intrepid Interactive
2nd Place Killer Forest Land Sharks
3rd Place Decent of Angus Dab Co.

Elementary School

1st Place Emerson Elementary School

Peoples Choice

1st Place Zodiac Dynasty’s Edge Project Zodiac
2nd Place Praesidium Pixel Pushers
3rd Place Fire Horizon Intrepid Interactive


Gallery Show

Game Name Team Name

Concept Art

1st Place Necromancer A Little Lemon
2nd Place Capital Over Throw Monitor & Sphynx
3rd Place Doc The Cyriptids

Game Analysis

1st Place Life is Strange Emily's Artbox

Sound and Scoring

1st Place Necromancer The Little Lemon
2nd Place Vice Virtue Scott Bartley
3rd Place Neo Super Mega XtreaMusic Fighter Alpha 20XX Project XETA

Game Design

1st Place Super Scout Brawlers Super Scout Brawlers
2nd Place The Unexpected Invasion of the Human Devin⁴
3rd Place Chaos Fantasy… Rewriting Fate Game Strike

Best in Show

Zodiac Dynasty's Edge Project Zodiac


Code Jam

Game Name Team Name
Most Ambitious The Ice Cube that Got Away VGDC OKState Team Bro
Best Graphics Cryo Corp Tekton
Outstanding Concept Ice Cube Challenge #PCBuiltNotBought
Best Overall Ice.Box SWOSU Night’s Watch


Game Showcase

Team Name Game Name

Indie Developer

1st Place GoldFire Studios Casino RPG
2nd Place Bonozo Apps Top Caster
3rd Place Starving Emo Kid Arcade Games!


1st Place Team Bred Die Metal
2nd Place NWOSU Team 1 Mystic
3rd Place Magenta Urban Snake

High School

1st Place Muffin Hat Ruby Hunters
2nd Place Tranga Smack Down
3rd Place Digital Blaze Studios On the Grid

Peoples Choice

1st Place Tranga Smack Down
2nd Place Team Bred Die Metal
3rd Place Martion Laboratories Project Land Minded

Game Mod

1st Place Viral Electron Chaos Lab Star Fox Assault VR


Gallery Show

Team Name Game Name
Concept Art Order of the Shamans Kalah of the Shadows
Animation Martion Laboratories Kill the Corruption
Sound and Scoring Tim Aston The Scavengers
Game Design Levi Shifter Levi's Journey
Best in Show Team Bred Bred


Code Jam

Team Name Game Name
Most Ambitious Multidimensional Toasters Errand
Best Graphics We Norbs Fate RBG
Best Crowdsourcing Team TLC The Good Life
Best Overall The Indulgences For the Love of God


#IDARB Competition

Name Prize
1st Place Josh Rehman $300
2nd Place Zane Laster $150
3rd Place Greg Douglas $75


Showcase – Best Overall

High School

First Place – Tinkers

Game Mod

First Place – Viral Electron Chaos Labs


First Place – Team Sweepy

Second Place – Martion Labs

Third Place – Kraken Dragon

People’s Choice

First place – Team Sweepy

Second Place – Magenta

Third Place – NWOSU

Gallery Show

Best of Show

Team Sweepy

Concept Art

Bublitz Design


Kraken Dragon Studios

Game Design

Hip Turtle

Game Analysis

One-Hit Wonders

Scoring and Sound Design

Steven McDonald


Best Overall

Team Rotatoes

Most Ambitious

Joanna Alcausin

Best Graphics


Zero Hour Gaming Competition

First Place – Chris O’Neal – 329,990

Second Place – Chaston Buxton – 49,060

Third Place – Sam Chott – 31,030


Showcase – Best Overall

First Place – “Sugar Tower Defense”, PJ Games (Joanna Alcausin and Robbie Mudroch)

Second Place – “Greywater”, Team Sweepy (Jeremy Barnes, Jill Graves, Dominique Barnes, Grace Hammons)

Third Place – “Block to Block”, Blake Burkhart

Showcase – People’s Choice

First Place – “Pet Duck”, End to Begin Games (Emmett Cookson, Steven Reed, Steven McDonald, Lotti Bublitz)

Second Place – “Light Wars”, Dennis Hodapp

Third Place – “Cannon Golf”, Team Kerbal (Kyle Smith and Kevin Meier)

Gallery Show – Best of Show

“Greywater”, Team Sweepy (Jeremy Barnes, Jill Graves, Dominique Barnes, Grace Hammons)

Gallery Show – Concept Art

“The Legend of Marshpire”, Hip Turtle (Sydney Townley)

Gallery Show – Animation

“Adventures of Derple”, Spyder Bytes (Sydney Townley and Josh Weeks)

Gallery Show – Game Design

“Genius”, Team Genius (Matthew Picht, Rebekah Chung, Daniel Thater)

Hackathon – Best Overall

“The Search for Atlantis”, The Code Monkeys (Matthew Stangl, Jordan Cotter, David Britton, Chelsei Vowell)

Hackathon – Most Ambitious

“And I Saw Myself”, That Team (Abigail LaBounty, Mariano Marin, Jonathon Scott, Leland Abels)

Zero Hour Gaming Competition (“Zombie Blaster”, Bonozo Games)

First Place – Dennis Hodapp – 758

Second Place – Maxwell Burgess – 754

Third Place – Daniel Vogel -686