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Heartland Gaming Expo (HGE) is the LARGEST GAME DEVELOPMENT COMPETITION IN THE CENTRAL US! Whether you are professional, an inspired amateur or just a fan, HGE has something for everyone!

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The Heartland Gaming Expo (HGE) is a one of a kind educational event that seeks to bring together students, educators, professionals, and enthusiast in the field of computer simulation and gaming.

HGE hosts the LARGEST GAME DEVELOPMENT COMPETITION IN THE CENTRAL US and encourages professionals and students of all ages to participate in three areas of competition.

The expo also features hands-on workshops, a host of guest speakers, exhibitors hall and more!

Our goal is to provide a platform for students and indie developers, visitors, companies, and organizations to network and promote creativity and growth in the technology industry in the Heartland.

HGE 2017 Game Competition
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